Friday, April 11, 2008

Our detour...

On our way to the aquarium we were listening to the Movie Show on KSL when we heard that they were broadcasting live from a new credit union near the aquarium. I love to listen to Doug Wright, so I wanted to show the girls who belongs to the voice they hear on the radio.

We also found out they were serving hamburgers from Iceberg so, hey, free lunch.

The girls got to meet Swoop. He gave Jenna and Aubrey each a red football.

There was a great magician (The Magic Cowboy) in the lobby who did fun tricks and let the girls hold these beautiful birds.

That was a fun little side trip on a fun little outing! Things went much better today than they did on Monday!

Next week: Cabella's, Tracy Aviary, and maybe the Water Conservancy District Garden or International Peace Gardens. Let me know if you want to come!


Hillary said...

Ooh, I want to come! I saw a forecast and it looks lovely next week! (Let me know ahead of time so I can get there in time! :)

The Gibbys said...

We sure missed out! Zach would have been scared of swoop, but loves footballs. I wish I wouldn't have been so tired. We are up for some adventures next week, especially with the great weather coming!


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