Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Demolition Derby

In my eternal quest to bring culture and refinement to my young ladies, we are always looking for interesting opportunities and events. Thus, we went to the demolition derby in Riverton on Saturday night!
We got there right as heat two started. Have you ever been that close to seven cars revving their engines and peeling out in mud? It was very loud and messy! Messy my girls like, but loud, not so much. The oldest two were covering their ears and the baby was trying to climb over Tim to escape. It didn't help that one of the cars right in front of us caught on fire. The girls were a little freaked out, so we went and found seats a bit further down the arena.
It was crazy to watch cars smashing into each other on purpose and watch the cars become more compact and parts dragging! It was really fun! Jenna got a little braver and watched from the front row. Aubrey stood BEHIND Tim the whole time, peaking out when things quieted down.
One of the toughest cars was a big pink Monte Carlo. This was the girls' favorite- and the crowd favorite, too!Jenna would venture down to the fence between heats. As soon as the cars lined up again, she was back with us. She did like it when a camera crew from High School Musical 3 was filming the crowd cheering! She dared to watch the in-between activities like the hamburger eating contest and the Guns 'n' Hoses tug-o-war between the police and fire departments.

Tim's friend that he carpools with to work won the raffle to drive the Riverton City entry in the derby. If you look closely, you can see 'Riverton' spray painted on the car. Notice the fire extinguisher in the foreground. Those were strategically place along the arena. Luckily no one needed major rescuing. We had a great time! The people watching alone was worth the price of admission! At work every day Tim has to deal with people trying to keep a certain type of people in Riverton, but there were a few front the counter culture there at the derby!

Thanks, Tim for a fun evening that we won't soon forget! It was really fun & thankfully the girls were exhausted and slept in the next morning!

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Hillary said...

That looks like lots of fun! Did you guys get muddy too being on the front row? Glad you guys had a good time!


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