Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tunes to blog by

Last week I decided to investigate playlist.com and put some music on my blog. I was surprised how easy it was and how fun it was to pick music! Much of the music is linked memories of days gone by, so I thought I'd share some of the dedications:

Backyardigans "Castaways"- for my little hooligans (I admit, I love the Backyardigans, too)
"We Built this City"- For the Conner House girls- you know who you are!
"Total Eclipse of the Heart"- that's all you, Lacie
"Ironic" for Sorebutt Ü Dixie College 1995-96

All of the classics (aka Oldies) are a result of my parents' excellent taste in music! Beach Boys and Beatles remind me of my mom, Gordon Lightfoot and John Denver remind me of my dad.

"You Wore Flowers" for my sisters...here we are sweet Hillary, nut much like we used to be...
"Sounds of Silence" reminds me of the BrainTrust for some reason. I should find "Shoulda Beena..."

The Barenaked Ladies ABC song is quite entertaining and marginally educational. You should scroll to it and expand your vocabulary!

"Utah Man" is for all you Utes out there, but especially for our former band members, Mike & Lisa!

All of the mushy ones are for my sweet hubby. I never realized what a sap I am and how much music is tied to my sappy feelings until I compiled this collection!

There are other songs that my kids have assigned to extended family members. I haven't found all of them yet. "Aubrey" by Bread is self-explanatory. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" is Steve's.

I guess for a lack of ipod, this is my way to listen to my favorite music. I admit that with our lovely Comcast internet, I come in and turn on the computer and open my blog just so the music will play in the background. I do the dishes to the music coming from the computer. What a nerd I am!


Hillary said...

Thanks for the song dedications to both Steve and me, I feel pretty special. :)

You've got some great songs on there!

Nunley Family said...

I join you in the nerd department. I often turn on my blog, or even go to a friend's blog, just to have some good background music.

mrsmcgibby said...

I love it! And I like other will now turn yours on so I can listen while on the computer. I will have to look into doing that for me.

mrsmcgibby said...

I finally figured it out! Took me long enough though. Any recommendations?


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