Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What do you wish this baby with a BONK on the head?

It was so beautiful outside this morning that after we took Jenna to school, I decided to stay outside with the girls and weed the front garden. They were playing so well together and having such a great time!

After I had weeded and watered the garden next to the drive way, Lydia was climbing down the one little step and lost her balance. She fell right on her head on the cement and rolled onto her back in the muddy garden. I was sick! If you have ever heard a child's head hit cement, it is a horrifying thud!

When I picked her up she was covered with mud and debris and had a rock and more dirt in her mouth. I was frantically wiping things off of her to make sure there was no blood, but there was an INSTANT goose egg. She has recovered nicely, but I thought I'd record the goose egg here for posterity. (And to build a case for DCFS Ü)

These were after she was up running around again and sharing a Capri Sun that Aubrey generously shared with her injured sister. I think she feels pity for the kids, as she knows what it can be like here!
Sorry, my dolly!


Barbara said...

oweyyyy- My poor little MLydia! look out- goose eggs bring super powers. Remember Jenna had a simular crash and she has super powers of comparitive and deductive reasoning... it could be scary. Love you all- Gramma Barb

Barbara said...

Aubrey has the super powers of empathy and animal whisperer... your children are so dear. XOXOXO

Hillary said...

Oh My!!! I don't think I've ever seen a goose egg quite that large before, poor little thing. She seems to be a tough little cookie though!

BTW-glad you got your new internet today and are already taking advantage with uploading pics on your blog :)

The Gibbys said...

OUCH! I seem to recall a similar sound and goose egg when I was watching Jenna once. I can still hear that horrible sound in my head!

Hope she is feeling better.

Corrine said...

You will be happy to know that the elephant woman's head has returned to its normal(albeit large) size. There is only a scab left. The saddest part is that I bought the girls cute matching shirts to have their pictures taken for Tim for Father's Day, bt I'm not going until the scab is smaller if not gone!


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