Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blessing of obedience

Last week Tim had a church meeting on a week night. It was a regional meeting with 5 stakes, consisting of Bishoprics, Elder's Quorum presidents, & High Priest group leaders. Considering how many people that entails for 5 stakes, it was not very well attended.

A speaker came to talk about the new Family Search program for family history. He got excited about the program and came home and started working with it. He showed it to me and suggested that I might be able to find some of my ancestors- who have been impossible to find so far. I found my great great grandma, Catherine Bromwich Long and saw that someone had submitted her information, presumably someone who is LDS, since it was ready for temple work.
I found the submitter's email & my mom emailed her. My mom has since come to find a third cousin. Alice is in her late 70s and a member of the church, living in Washington state near where my mom's ancestors lived. They have already shared information and filled in missing pieces for each other. She is a descendant of Catherine's husband's brother, so they are third cousins. You might not be super excited to find a third cousin, but my mom has no first cousins, so this was big for her. My mom's parents were both only-children, so there is no extended family. Here in Mormon land that is unimaginable!
It has been really amazing to find a living relative & find out about our family members who have been so hard to find. This might never have happened if Tim hadn't made the effort to go to a meeting right after a long day of work. Thanks for being obedient, Tim!

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Hillary said...

And to find one that is a member of the church too-that's so amazing!!! What a cool thing! I am going to need to check this out.


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