Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday, we were singing Before Thee Lord, I Bow My Head as the closing song in Sacrament meeting when Tim leaned over to tell me that it always reminds him of a carnival. After listening for a few bars, I noticed that the first part does sound like calliope music on a carousel. Then he started bobbing up and down like he was riding on a horse on a carousel. Every time he slowed the ride, Aubrey (who was sitting on his lap) kept saying "UP! UP!"
Then words reminded us of the part in Mary Poppins when the horses leave the carousel: "Break off the shackles off the earth." We almost lost it and I told him he had to stop bobbing unless he had a funnel cake for me!


Jana said...

I can just see you and Tim bobbing up and down in sacrament meeting...I'm going to have to go and listen to that song now!:)

Laura said...

So funny! I think I would have a hard time being revernt after that one :)


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