Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Never a dull moment

You may remember Aubrey's adventure in Springville a while back. Well, we went again today to visit the same cousins and had another adventure.

Shortly after we arrived, I was putting a few things in the fridge and the kids had gone down to play in the family room. Janika and I could smell something burning. It was getting stronger and we couldn't find the source. We were both thinking about how we were going to evacuate all six kids while the house burned down. Aubrey was sitting on the hearth of the fireplace saying "Look what I can do." That's when Janika noticed that Aub was sitting up against the fireplace cover and her hair was being singed.

For a moment my blond daughter had some brown hair. Then it kind of crumbled in our hands. Luckily Janika's mom is a hair dresser and lives two doors down. She fixed Aubrey up & cut a few more inches off her hair. (I cut about 5 inches off a few weeks ago.) It all turned out just fine. We didn't have to evacuate. The house didn't burn down. The kids had a fun day together. And now we have a good hair-burning story- but I didn't have my camera.


Hillary said...

You need to post a pic of Aubrey, I can't picture her with 5+ inches of her hair gone. I bet it is super cute! Glad you figured out what was burning before she got hurt-how crazy!

The Gibbys said...

yes, picture please!


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