Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food fetish

Lydia is her own little person with definite ideas of how the world should be. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in her food issues, I mean choices.

Coming from a broccoli hater, her love of broccoli and cauliflower boggles my mind. She LOVES vegetables, especially cauliflower & green beans. She could eat an entire can of green bean by herself. She likes corn, cheese, black beans, strawberries, tortillas, etc. She went through a 'no meat' phase, but that seems to be relaxing a bit. Her other great love is "shock-late." She is forever asking if we can make brownies.

Now here's where it gets strange. She doesn't like any of these foods mixed together. We can barely sneak in a broccoli/cauliflower mix. Even her love of chocolate isn't strong enough to cross this line. She will eat the center of an Oreo, but won't even nibble on the cookie. If you handed her a plain chocolate cookie it be would be gone!

We had tacos for dinner Tuesday night and she ate most of the toppings- each separated in a section of her sectioned plate. No combining needed. Tim offered to melt to melt her cheese on her tortilla. She gave him that 'why-would-you-do-a-strange-thing-like-that' look.

Yesterday I combined some of the toppings (meat, black beans, corn, cheese & tomatoes) in a bowl for my lunch. She came over to inspect my food. When she looked in my bowl, she was thoroughly disgusted, almost to the point of puking.

"Oh Mom. We don't mix our food like that," she reprimanded. Then she ran away to recover from her dry-heaves.


Mike said...

Poor Lydia. Some of use *like* to keep our food separate. Chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips are the best. Why would you want to spoil the pure and simple deliciousness of cauliflower by mixing other junk with it? It's perfect all by itself.

Kelli said...

That is totally awesome...when it is not your kid! She makes me laugh so hard.

Hillary said...

Emma is the exact same way with her oreos. I gave her a few the other day and left the room, when I came back there were a bunch of single chocolate disks all over the table-no white filling in sight. Later I gave her another one (don't judge me) and watched her slowly open it and peel the white stuff out in one perfect motion-crazy!

Kim Coates said...

That girl is hilarious! Your homemade taco bowl/leftovers sound good to me!


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