Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy House-iversary

Snow removal- welcome to home ownership

I just realized that today is the 5Th anniversary of home ownership. I had big plans for this post, but I am out of time today. While my family is out partying Saturday and I'm sitting with my feet up, I will scan some pictures and show you the amazing transformation of our little home.

While we feel a little cramped in this house, we love our friends and neighbors here. When the time comes to leave, it will be hard. We have a wonderful ward and our kids have great school friends and teachers too.

So, yeah for 5 years of not renting! Yeah for equity since we bought a HUD home before the boom and subsequent crash. Yeah for learning a lot about painting, planting, getting to mow our own lawn, feeling somewhat settled, not having a landlord, and so much more...

I might have to spell me street name anytime I give out my address, but we love our little "blue big house."

1 comment:

Kim Coates said...

I'll speak for all of your neighbors and say WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

And I especially love your cute blue front door!

Happy House-i-versary


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