Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You nest your way, I'll nest mine.

So, I've beat the topic to a pulp, but this is my blog, I'll write what I want. I'm doing some self-analysis and observation here.

Since we don't know the gender of our unborn child, I have no desire to redecorate the nursery. First I have to figure out where I'm going to put the current resident of the future nursery- and the other kids, for that matter. Cross nursery off the nesting list.

I don't want to shop for too much baby paraphernalia for baby of gender unknown. That just means more work for me when I have to return half of it. I have a few outfits for each, diapers, wipes (finally) and a few other basics. Task complete enough for now.

I already mentioned my panic about hair detangler and toilet paper for the family. I also stocked up on kitchen garbage bags, laundry detergent and paper plates & cups and plastic cutlery. We're good there.

So here's what I decided my "nesting" has come to. Buy new stuff for the rest of the house to replace junk that was bothering me. Most of this happened in one eventful trip at Ikea.

I bought a new timer because I thought it was cute. I got my mother-in-law the same one in May and have been wanting one ever since. I'm starting to think the allure has something to do with its semblance to a can of Diet Coke. My old timer died the next day of a broken heart- I felt totally justified in purchasing this after the untimely death.

I really needed to wash the rug in my upstairs bathroom, so I bought a new one- not white this time. What was I thinking! When Jenna saw the new one she told me it sure spruced up the place- her words, not mine.

My toilet brushes & their holders could have used a good cleaning, so I replaced them. Same thing with the shower caddy.
I also went a little crazy with the cute napkins. Have you ever looked at the fun/cute napkins at Ikea? I felt like we needed special napkins for the upcoming birthday parties and baptism at our house.

I can't remember the other things I bought, but Jenna said it best.
"Wow, Mom. You are replacing a lot of things."
I felt like a new woman!
Yesterday I did have an actual burst of energy that may or may not have been nesting. Part of it stemmed from knowing that my Visiting Teachers were coming and my house was a disaster area. I didn't want to be reported to the RS pres as one in desperate need of an intervention (I'm not there yet) so I kicked it into medium gear. High gear hasn't been used for months. I even made a list of my accomplishments. I usually make to-do lists, but lately I feel like a failure when there is still more 'to-do' left than 'done' at the end of the day. I post my list for my own reminder that I accomplished a few things yesterday.
-Did my visiting teaching
-Ironed Tim's shirts and put away ironing board & iron- doesn't always happen on the same day
-Made Aub cut-off shorts, which had been waiting to happen for at least 3 weeks
-Cleaned front room
-Put away sewing mess, err, equipment
-Swept kitchen
-Vacuumed front room, hall, bathroom (too lazy to get the broom)
-Fed children lunch at a reasonable lunch time
-Loaded dishwasher
-Started laundry
-Three trips to the school to drop of and/or pick up carpools- all on time/early
-Made a super cute diaper cake for a baby shower
-Was clever enough to use disposable dishes to serve our gourmet dinner from Little Caesar's
-Had Family Home Evening
-Planned & typed the program for Jenna's baptism
-Made three loaves of banana bread, also for the shower
-Finished a book
-Fell asleep before 11:30 last night
That was by far my most productive day in a long time. Sad but true.

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Becky said...

You rock Corrine way to go!


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