Monday, June 14, 2010

The Mystery of the Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Our ward just published a 20Th anniversary cookbook filled with all sorts of yumminess from amazing cooks. There are also recipes from me- and recipes with my name on them that I have never seen/prepared/sampled. There in lies the mystery.

The first time I was browsing my new cookbook, I noticed a chicken recipe that was attributed to me, but I had not submitted. The more I looked, the more recipes I found that had my name but were not mine (at least 10). I apologize to whomever might have submitted them. I also want to warn you ahead of time that I had nothing to do with some of those recipes with my name on them. If you prepare them and don't like them, please don't send hate mail or toilet paper my house.

I can only imagine how this happened. I was not trying to poach any one's recipes or steal the spotlight. I am thinking that somewhere along the line, recipes that had been turned in to me by other people somehow were attributed to me. I was in the Relief Society presidency when the project started and we collected many of the recipes at Enrichment nights, which I was in charge of. That's the only explanation I have.

*By the way, props to the people who finished this enormous job in time for the 20 year reunion!

If you want to know if it is a verified "Corrine" recipe, I will give you a few things to watch for.

- If it involves chicken and a crockpot, it probably isn't mine. The only exception is the 'Italian Crockpot chicken' recipe. I take no credit for the others. I'm more of a beef girl.
-If it is for a dessert, yes, I have tried them all and have them down to a science.
-If it is at all fancy, it's not mine. (IE bacon-wrapped asparagus)
-If it has another person's name in the title of the recipe (IE Janika's Peanut Butter bars) that is also one I submitted. Most of my trusted recipes I get from people who are far better cooks than I.
One interesting exception to this is found on the very first page of recipes. There is a recipe called "Ann Purdie's salsa." I know Ann Purdie. I have no memory of sampling, requesting, possessing or submitting this recipe. I have no idea how it got there with my name (or hers) on it. I am partially brain dead, so I might have submitted it.

Again, I apologize if there is someone looking through the book and finding all of the recipes with some impostor chef's name on them. There are loads of great recipes from real domestic goddesses, so I recommend starting with those. Happy cooking!


Crowntown said...

Oh goodness! This made me laugh. I don't know how it happened either. Whoops!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I was actually wondering about the bacon wrapped asparagus. Now I know.


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