Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eight is great!

I can hardly believe that my first born is eight years old today! The last eight years have gone by so quickly that I don't even want to think about the next eight- driver's license...shudder!
Anyway, Jenna is such a wonderful daughter and sister. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She definitely came first to teach us how to be parents. She is my pay-back child. My mom just laughs when I tell her about some of the things Jenna does- it hits a little too close to home!
It was a memorable week when Jenna was born- two days before her birth it was the hottest day ever recorded in Salt Lake- 114 degrees. We lived in Sandy in a little brick oven of an apartment with a tiny swamp cooler that did nothing for us in that heat. After Jenna was born, the AC in my hospital room was malfunctioning and it was FREEZING in our room. I was delirious on Lortab and had no idea it was so cold until a nurse came in and saw the thermostat on 55. It made sense why I couldn't get Jenna to stop crying- she was freezing! We got a letter of apology from the hospital and a gift certificate to eat out, but it was better than the heat!
Jenna is the oldest grandchild on my side of the family and the oldest grand-daughter on Tim's side. She is a born leader and a great help when we are with the cousins. She LOVES babies and can make any baby a laugh and smile. She is very excited to have a new baby sister or brother! (and I am looking forward to having her as my helper)
Jenna is very musical and is always singing. She sings in the shower, while she's swinging in the backyard, sometimes while she's arguing with Aubrey. Pretty much anytime, anywhere. She has a beautiful voice and learns music quickly. She is taking piano now and doing very well!
She is also eagerly awaiting her baptism next week. She has a sweet testimony and loves Heavenly Father and Jesus. She knows so much more about the gospel than I did at her age- and probably well into my teens. She has such great insights and is a deep thinker.
Another of her talents/hobbies is reading. She is a wonderful reader and devours books of all kinds. Some of her favorites right now include the Magic Treehouse series, Listening for Lions, Nancy Drew books, A-Z Mystery series, and she loves books by Jan Brett. She reads so smoothly and fluently- it is a pleasure to listen to her read!
Here are eight great things about Jenna:
1. Her favorite color is purple- it has been that way pretty much since birth!
2. She loves school & is a great student.
3. She loves to go to Primary.
4. She can hardly wait to start Activity Days.
5. She loves to swim and play in the sprinklers.
6. She is a total monkey on the playground.
7. She looks out for kids at school that don't have many friends.
8. She is very responsible and dependable.
There is so much more I could say, but we must go party!
Happy Birthday, Jenna Bug!
We are so blessed to have you in our family!


Courtney said...

We love her so much! I almost started tearing up when I read this, she is such a sweet girl and an amazing example to me! I am so lucky to know her!

The Gibbys said...

Happy birthday! We are so excited for your baptism next week too!

ps Love the new blog background, plus I t is not all messed up like it used to be.

Hillary said...

She is really a great girl! I remember how hot it was that week but I don't remember your hospital room being a meat locker-that's funny!

I hope my girls will be like her when they're 8, she is such a sweet, smart, kind, and fun girl!!!

Oh, and a follow up to Kat's comment-I like your blog design too, you're the one that inspired me to give my blog a facelift! If you go back in to edit the background and delete your picture at the top and then re-load it, it will cover the whole top. Mine stayed off to the side like yours is so I went to delete it and uploaded another one and it stretched it a bit to fill more of the top. Just a thought, you don't have to do it but I just wanted to make sure you knew that was an option :)


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