Monday, July 26, 2010

What women need

Two things every pregnant woman needs:
A razor that requires no shaving cream and the least amount of bending possible- the Schick Intuition razor. These are great when you're not pregnant, but imperative when you are.

Glitter toes. This picture is awful, but so are my feet. The only good thing they have going for them is the awesome glitter toes. Why glitter toes? You don't have to paint your nails since it doesn't flake or chip. You just get them re-done when they grow out to the point that they bug you. It is basically fake nails on your toes, but doesn't look creepy. At 39 weeks pregnant, my cute toe nails are my best feature- hands down! I don't have to try acrobatics or unnatural contortions to reach my feet or rely on my 6 year old to paint my toe nails!
Call my cute cousin Jessi to get your toes done. 801-828-5499. She does them at a salon in Taylorsville and they are only $15! That is a much better price than I have seen anywhere else. Tell her Corrine sent you!

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