Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Conner House babes

A few weekends ago, we got together with a few of my roommates from my first year at Snow. We never seem to be able to get everyone together at the same time, but we sure enjoy our visits.
(There were 10 of us, so it is nearly impossible to get everyone in the state at the same time, let alone coordinate schedules...)
Valerie opened her new home for the visit & we had a great time. We were on our way to a family party, so we didn't get to stay long, but it was so great to see those that came.
I absolutely loved my time at Snow, and I owe that to my awesome roommates. My first year of college was at Dixie and while I learned and grew a lot that year, my roommate situation wasn't ideal. One roommate asked me if I would be her roommate again the following year and I found myself telling her that I wasn't coming back, but transferring to Snow. What? Where did that come from? Divine intervention is all I can say!
Besides wonderful roommates, I had great friends and a wonderful ward. The whole experience was just what I needed. I was so happy there that I was looking for a reason to come back the following year. I had transferred my credits back to Dixie and graduated after that first year at Snow, so it was kind of...unconventional, but I felt compelled to be there. Toward the end of the quarter I saw a sign announcing a scholarship for a person who would be the Homecoming committee chairperson. I had a day to fill out the application & hustled to see if I could stretch out my time in Ephraim.
I ended up getting the position and came back the following year, presumably just for the first quarter where I would do Homecoming and then leave on my mission. During the first few weeks of the new school year, I met this guy named Tim. I actually met him moments after I got my mission papers from my bishop. That's another story for another time.
Long story short, thanks in part to these wonderful Conner House babes, I had so much fun my first year at Snow that I wanted to come back another year and thereby met my future husband. You girls really are the BEST!


Crystal said...

Snow was so fun that year. I remember meeting you during the 2 week block before school started. Awesome memories and crazy adventures we had. I loved Snow College. And especially the Conner House, we were the bomb!

Hillary said...
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Becky said...

I'm so glad you came to snow and were my roommate! you rock! we had a lot of fun didn't we!

Sabrina said...

I am so sorry that I had missed it. It would have a lot of fun seeing you all again. Let me know when the next one is, or maybe I will have to plan one.

Matt & Val said...

Sure love your guts! I remember how organized you seemed from the very first day, and I loved your white bedding and towels. Isn't it funny the things that we remember. The first time you met me I was probably bawling my eyes out....oh the days. :-) Snow was the best!

Tara said...

You know I think I blocked out most of my memories because my second year was a painful one for me - BUT my ROOMIES were the one bright spot that I'm eternally grateful for. I CHERISH our friendship and love that we've remained friends all these years! You're WONDERFUL!


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