Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now it IS the big day!

So, here I sit in my dark kitchen at 4:45 am sipping a Sprite. I have been instructed to not eat after midnight and only to drink clear liquids up until 5 am. Not a huge fan of Sprite, (and yes, I've also had a bunch of water) but I have a feeling I'm in for a long day and wanted the calories to sustain me somewhat. I thought about fudging a bit on the recommendations- my sister got to eat on her way to the hospital when she was induced with her last baby- but memories of violent vomiting in previous deliveries quickly ended my rebellious thoughts.

This is really some rambling thoughts, but I need to thank everyone who has been so helpful to me and my family over the last 9 months. There is no way I could thank you each individually, partly because much of your service and prayers have been given anonymously. It has all been so appreciated! It is miraculous to me that I'm going to have a baby today. Miraculous that we decided (with some divine intervention) to have another baby at all and miraculous that I am still pregnant and healthy. The Lord has sustained us through this and has important work for this little one to accomplish somewhere!

I've already told you in previous ramblings that I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood and the blessings that have healed and comforted me. I am so eternally grateful for my wonderful husband who honors his priesthood and is ever ready to bless me. What a wonderful man! I love him more every day & am so blessed to have him in my life!

If this labor proceeds like my previous ones have, I will have most of the day to sit around and wait today. I will try to keep you posted when things happen. Anyone know of the wi-fi situation at Alta View? If nothing else, I'll ask my sisters to hack in here and post something. (I have the best sisters, too! And parents, and daughters. I'm so blessed!)

So, shoppers start your engines. Soon you will know the gender of this naked child. Then, head to the stores with his or her grandmas, who have been chomping at the bit to buy baby clothes!

Have a wonderful day and thanks again for all you've done for me!

PS I did proofread this, but make no guarantees. It's very early in the morning and I took half a Unisom before bed last night.

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