Saturday, January 12, 2008

The BEST baby product EVER!!

And no, I'm not exaggerating!

Lydia has been sick for over a week now and when the Dr recommended three different medicines I spent most of my day trying to sneak the meds into her mouth. There was amoxicillin everywhere! I remembered seeing some kind of baby bottle that had a medicine dispenser inside, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I headed to Walmart to find one, where the pharmacy tech gave me a blank stare when I asked her about it, but I found one the next aisle over. It is called the Reliadose. It has been heavenly! I wish I had had one of these for my older kids!

The medicine goes in a syringe inside the bottle, so they don't see it coming. The meds don't mix with the milk/juice until they are in the baby's mouth, so you know exactly how much medicine is swallowed. Lydia hasn't seemed to notice the medicine and it is all in her mouth in about 3-5 seconds. I LOVE THIS THING!

This will be my present to new mommies from now on!

Also, they have a special on their website where you can send in your receipt and UPC barcode and they will send you a free bottle and two nipples & syringes. Very worth the $9 ish investment!!

Three cheers for the Reliadose!

I may seem a bit fanatical, but keep in mind I haven't really slept much for over a week now. Ü

1 comment:

Hillary said...

I am so glad you found this! I'll have to go out and get one now to have on hand just in case.


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