Saturday, January 12, 2008

We are thankful for the Capitol!

We made the trek up to the State Capitol Building on Tuesday and the girls were AMAZED! Jenna was speechless when we got into the Rotunda. For those of you who know Jenna, you know that "speechless" is not usually a problem for her. Every night since our tour she has thanked Heavenly father for the State Capitol Building. I think she liked it! Here are some pictures of our tour.

South side of the Utah State Capitol Building
Due to lack of accessible parking, we parked across the street and, with the help of Uncle D, we carried the double strollers up the five or so flights of stairs outside. It was worth the climb.

The Capitol Rotunda
The paintings have all been meticulously restored and they look amazing!

Aubrey is amazed, too, as she looks up into the Rotunda ceiling.
Looking across the interior from the second level.

I tried to be artsy in my photography, but I have no idea what I'm doing.

Jenna, Zach, and Aubrey in front of a fireplace in the lounge behind the House of Representatives meeting room.

It was interesting to have access to places in the building that are usually restricted! One of my fourth grade teachers was a state Representative, so many moons ago I was able to go see when the Legislature was in session. I was glad to get to go back and see it as an adult. Everything was much smaller than I remembered!

Jenna among the desks in the House of Reps.

These desks are the originals, which I assumes means they have been there since 1919.

Jenna in the gallery overlooking the House of Reps.

The State Supreme Court (both photos)
This was the Supreme Court, but court is no longer held here. It has been moved down State Street to the Matheson Court House. Everything in this room that looks like gold IS. The light fixtures are the original ones, and the the paint color scheme is what it looked like in 1919.
This is the front of the room. This painting is of an arch in southern Utah. It is the largest spanning natural arch in the world. The name escapes me and I'm too lazy to look it up right this second.

The kids at the top of the stairs.
Since Kat and I both had our double strollers, we spent a good deal of time in the elevator. Since the elevator wasn't quite ready for the tour, there was a guy in there running it. He was very nice and felt like and old friend by the time we saw 5 floors and returned to the bottom/
Jenna, Lydia, Aubrey, Makayla, Zachary

After hearing stories about me singing on the staircase with different choirs, that was Aubrey's main request. She HAD to sing on the stairs. She and Zach climbed up about half way and performed "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." There were no tinsel halos ala Sunshine Generation, but they were sure cute!!

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grandma barb said...

What a good Mom to drag your little ones to all sorts of places they didn't know they wanted to see! I love that you keep taking pictures to share and keep for reminding each other what fun stuff you do. Love you guys!


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