Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poor Baby

I have been absent from blogland for a little while because my sweet baby has been sick and only wants to be held! My sister has come to my rescue today, so I have few minutes to type.

I took Lydia to the ER at Jordan Valley Saturday night because she just kept getting sicker and her fever was spiking before it could give her more meds. That special something said' Take her in now!" I have learned not to ignore those promptings.

After all sorts of mean things they told me she had a bad UTI & pneumonia. Lovely! Even though they had to to all sorts of test, they were so sweet to her and took very tender care, I would recommend them if you need emergency help. (Hopefully you won't...)

After a few days of Septra she is doing quite a bit better. Her fever is nearly gone and she seems more comfortable, but still wants to be held day and night. She still kind of whimpers, which makes me so sad. She is usually so sweet and cheerful, that I know she must be miserable to act like that.

I took her to our pediatrician yesterday for some follow up and her lungs are good. The doctor was able to pull the ER charts and check Lydia's labs and everything. She told me that this was a full blown kidney infection and we are lucky Lydia wasn't hospitalized. Apparently in kids this young it can be a sign of more serious problems, so we have to go back next week for another check and then to PCMC for some more thorough (invasive) testing.

I have to give our doctor some free advertising here. Mary Tipton at Copperview Medical Center. (northeast corner of Bangerter & 9800 S) She is so awesome! She was on call at the hospital over the weekend and saw Lydia's name on something. She happened to see me come into the waiting room and came right out to talk to me to see what happened- she didn't even know we were coming to see her! She spent more than 40 minutes with me going over lab results, explaining problems to watch for and future tests to be done and examining Lydia thoroughly. She is so wonderful! If you need a new doctor, I would highly recommend her! She is actually an internal medicine dr, so she treats all ages.

Anyway, there's my update for you. We are doing fine, but the house is a disaster area. I love to sit and hold Lydia, but the dishes and laundry are stacking up! Oh well, they'll still be there when she doesn't want to be held anymore!


Nunley Family said...

Good luck! I hope there isn't something more serious going on, and if there is, the doctors can take care of her.


Oh wow! I am sorry to hear this news! I hope everything goes well up at primary's. Your doctor sounds like she really cares... what a refreshing thing to hear from the medical profession that sometimes feels cold and distant. Good luck!


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