Thursday, January 31, 2008

Follow up

After I posted yesterday, I took the kids grocery shopping at Smith's Marketplace. Jenna & Aubrey went to the playland while I shopped with Lydia. I wasn't sure how long she would last, but I went for it. She was so much better! She was smiling and chattering and even playing. I set a can of formula in the seat next to her and she picked it up and watched for my reaction as she dangled it over the edge like she was going to throw it on the floor and laughed when I told her no-no.

I was so glad to see my sweet baby back! She lasted for the hour I shopped and did want to be held a lot when we got home, but she was vastly improved!

Last night someone from our doctor's office called to check on her and make sure she was improving. Have I mentioned how greatour doctor is? Ü

1 comment:

D and K Gibson said...

I am so glad she is doing a little better. It is so hard when the little ones are sick. keep us posted


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