Monday, January 7, 2008

Catching up- Christmas

Here is whirl-wind tour of our Christmas festivities this year.

Mid-December we had a get-together with the Donaldson family in Gunnison. Aubrey adores Grandma Great. She sat on her lap for a long time while we watched everyone playing bingo. She kept giving Grandma big kisses!

The Sunday before Christmas we tried something new with my family. We had a nice dinner at my parents' house and then exchanged gifts. Here are Jenna & Aubrey helping Lydia open a present. She was mostly interested in eating the paper! On Christmas morning we stayed at our house and my parents and Courtney and Jake came to see what Santa brought. It was really a fun change to have the girls stay at home and get to play with their new toys on Christmas! Here they are with Papa Gary.

Tim got a sporty new vest for fly fishing. Mrs Claus also attempted to buy a helpful fly-fishing magazine. Hopefully it helps- Mrs Claus isn't a great fisher-woman.
After a morning of play it was time to load in the van and head south. We had a late lunch/early dinner in Moroni with Tim's family and then exchanged gifts. The picture below is five of the nine grand kids looking out the window. They were so excited for the magic of the entire day. It was fun!

At the end of the day, Lydia was happy as long as she could eat more paper!

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