Friday, December 2, 2011

The Crazy Corn Maze

Despite the weird looks on everyone's faces, we had a great time at the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan. We won tickets and made a family outing of it. Being cheap, I probably wouldn't have paid to go, but the kids loved it way more than I expected. It was just the right size for our family, too.

Eliza loved running around! It was such a beautiful day, too!

Each girl got to pick an extra activity. A & J picked the rock climbing wall. They had both attempted it at the school carnival & didn't get very far.

Imagine my surprise when they BOTH made it to the top. Jenna  twice, Aubrey on her second try! Awesome girls!
Eliza didn't love the horse.

Lydia did!

 Next, we headed over to the adjacent pumpkin patch to pick our gourds.

What a fun day together! This was a great place for young families! I highly recommend it! It is on 4000 West and about 8700 South in West Jordan- every year! We will go again!

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