Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A few decorating ideas

As we get closer to our final house destination, I've been thinking about decorating the place. The current owners have it decorated so cute. I'm not a good decorator. I am making an honest effort to decorate our home a little more, specifically to make sure it feels warm and inviting and orderly. As much as I hated having the house spotless for possible showings before we moved, I loved the order!! My kids are getting older and our house doesn't need to feel like the inside of a toy box!

I went to Hobby Lobby to find a star for my Christmas tree (with no luck) and saw a few other things I want to remember next month. I'm putting them here, for lack of a better way to remember.

I want a message board like this in my kitchen.

I'd love this for Jenna's wall- and it was $14. I'm pretty sure I'm going back for that!

Two in one shot. I love the red tin tiles. The bottom piece was just a piece of gate on a piece of wood. I'm going to start looking for metal pieces when I go thrifting or yard saling. Come on Spring!!

They had lots of cool giant keys. This one was about 3 ft tall.
Our new house will have areas that we've never had before, so I'm having to rethink house I use/ where I put my stuff. I am excited for the challenge & to finally be settled for real!


Kelli said...

Good luck! I hate decorating. I want to hire someone to do it for me.

Laura said...

Tai Pan Trading tent sale is a great place to find metal piece really cheap. Regular prices are still okay, but 70% off is better :) Love the map idea!


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