Friday, February 18, 2011

Accountability update

My gift to you: Something to make you feel a little better about what you do today!

So, here's my accountability follow-up from yesterday. Terribly boring for all, I'm sure. You can skip this part & scroll down to the cute picture of Lydia at the bottom.

Load dishwasher

  Did this TWICE- The sink has more dishes again, but that is to be expected.
Wash clothes
  Three loads and counting. We were gone Tuesday night, which totally threw me off my "do laundry while we watch The Biggest Loser" routine.
Fold clothes
  Got our underwear put away and about 10 items on hangers. The rest is glaring at me from the corner of my room where I stashed it at 10:00 last night.
Iron the last 3 shirts that have been piled on the ironing board since Monday
  I did it! By golly, four more appeared. I've set myself up for unrealistic expectations.
put ironing board away
find people for next year's PTA board
  No dice. I asked three more people, shot down every time. It's fun, people! You make new friends, have fun with your kids (and other kids), get to know the teachers & administrators better and feel like you've made a difference in the world. 
clear kitchen counter
  I cleared most of it. Then I made dinner, kids did homework, hubby came home. It's buried again. I think in my dream home my counters will be slightly slanted- just enough for papers to slide off instead of pile up.
  I wish.
find a new house
sell this house
  Ditto. Twice.
Help at school at 2pm

Also went visiting teaching- totally forgot it was Thursday until my comp rang the door bell and said she was here to pick me up. Good thing we weren't meeting there- she'd have been alone!

Other than that, nothing else on the list got touched yesterday. The 3 oldest girls also had play dates, plus I made an extra trip to the school to take a change of clothes to a daughter who fell in a puddle and was wet from her boots to her hips. I'm exhausted just remembering yesterday.

Today is Tim's "off" Friday, so I hope to a few more things accomplished. I've already worked on some birthday books while watching last night's Office- it was pretty good! Hope your day is more productive than destructive!

Random cute picture of Lydia

And a funny story to go with it:  A conversation with the 3-going-on-23 year old.

Lydia: Mom, how do polar bears walk?
Me: On all fours. Do you know what that means?
Lydia: Does that mean they walk on their hands and feet?
Me: Yes. (Thinking what I smart girl I have.)
Lydia: Mom, that's called 'supinate.'

Not exactly right, but where did she learn that word?

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