Monday, February 14, 2011

Where does the time go?

So I guess I have neglected my blog longer than I thought. The couches have long-since sold to some nice Hispanic family that found us on Again, speaking Spanish sure comes in handy!
Our front room now has the rocking chair, entertainment center, a book shelf and all of Eliza's furniture. Her swing- which I should sell now too- and exersaucer/playground take up the space where the sofa was. That exersaucer has its own zip code- it's huge!

Note to self- Next time I impulsively sell a couch, make sure I know what I want to replace it. I am currently lying on the front room floor as I type this.

So, Happy Valentine's day, too. Got any big plans? I'm trying to think of something special to make for dinner since I will be at my Weight Watchers meeting after FHE. I refuse to go to the store on a holiday so I'm making due with what I've got in the food storage. I have steak in the freezer. Check. Rhodes frozen bread dough. Currently thawing & will be shaped into a heart somehow. Check. I just remembered I have 2 heart-shaped cake pans. Maybe I'll make a cake or brownies for the fam to enjoy while I'm gone.

What are your V-day traditions?

We celebrated our 10th anniversary on Feb 1st, so V-day is always a bit more about showing our kids how special they are. They always get a treat & a new shirt or outfit. Thrilling, I know.

The day is also filled with class parties- one at 2, one at 2:30. Should be fun! Lyd & Eliza will be drug along for the ride.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! Love yourself- that's the only person you can control. Your Heavenly Father loves you. Your Savior loves you. I love you. Have a great day, or at least a piece of chocolate. ;)

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Kelli said...

I made a special dinner on my china last year...Jareth pulled the table cloth toppling the lit candle and one of my goblets.
SOOO this year is simple. Something I love (pasta) and something Lance loves (strawberry shortcake).
Alyssa woke up to hearts leading her around the house to a scarf that I knitted for her. Jareth got to sleep in and he got a movie (Madagascar2 which for some reason he thinks is Lion King 2).
Our tradition is much the same. We try to enforce to our kids how much we love them and try our hardest to spend an hour on our own while the kids are in bed before we pass out.


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