Thursday, February 17, 2011

To-Do list & random dream interpretation.

In theory, if I put my to-do list on my blog, I will be more accountable, right? IN THEORY...

Let's try. Here it is, in no particular order:

Load dishwasher
Wash clothes
Fold clothes
Iron the last 3 shirts that have been piled on the ironing board since Monday
put ironing board away
find people for next year's PTA board
clear kitchen counter
find a new house
sell this house
Help at school at 2pm

Unfinished projects:
birthday books (two are over-due by now)
Journal box mod podge
organize/dejunk bathroom closet
move remaining food storage cans to rolling shelf thing
deliver baby gift
Hire someone with OCD to dejunk my house
put away out-grown clothes

Projects I never would've thought of if I didn't read other blogs but now I'm committed to doing:
refinish toy box
refinish doll house
refinish little cupboard for a night stand

I can't wait for spring so I can mow the lawn. That job stays done for at least a few days after I do it & no one can talk to me while it do it!
(Side note- while I was originally starting this post, my computer froze. I took that as a sign that I should do a job instead of just blogging about it. I loaded the dishwasher. Unfortunately I had waited so long to do it that the sink is still half-full of dishes that wouldn't fit, but the dishwasher is running as I type!)

Also, I dreamt about a new house yesterday. It was perfect inside. All of the things I was hoping for, storage everywhere, fresh paint, nice carpet, rooms for everyone. We moved in all our stuff & then I went out the front door and saw that it was next to a Chevron station, in an industrial area, next to the freeway. How would you interpret that dream?


This Place is a Disaster! said...

Personally, I think it means something like this:
You want a new house, but the price you have to pay for that is the neigborhood/ward/school/surrounding areas are not going to fullfill you the way you hope.

This Place is a Disaster! said...

Or it means:
You think your life is busy NOW - wait until you move!!!!! You've never seen so busy!!!

Hillary said...

Your dream means that your dream house will have everything you want IN it and close to the Chevron so you can walk over and get a Diet Coke whenever you want :) The industrial area is representative of the Beehive state-you want to stay in Utah (just kidding, just didn't know what to say about that one) and the close to the free way is so that you have a short drive to anywhere you need to go since you're so far from the freeway right now :) There ya go, you're dream house and location! :) Would've been better if it was in PA though!

Corrine said...

Hill- I think you're on to something.I hadn't connected my desire to be somewhere more accessible and the proximity of the freeway in my dream. It was close enough that I could panhandle at the off ramp in the afternoon if we were short of money! Hmmm... this has some benefits.


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