Friday, February 25, 2011

Question of the day

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On to the question of the day:

What did/will your child do for his/her 100th day of school project? I guess this is a big deal these days. I don't remember ever noting the 100th day of school. Thanks to year-round school, Aubrey's 100th day is in March. March, people! They should be done by now, right?

So, Aub is supposed to bring a poster of 100 items, grouped in tens. You know, math.

I'm battling the urge to go stage-mom psycho and just let her do it her way. I'm picturing flowers made from a variety of colored beans, dying pasta to make a rainbow, or some similar overkill. Back away from the poster board!

What do you recommend?


This Place is a Disaster! said...

Mar has a "project" every other week. I let her think of the idea, then I let he cary it out how SHE wants it to be done. If she ASKS me for help, I just give suggestions and never touch where possible!
I am a control freak and I want my child to do the best - but her best can never be done when I do it for her. If I did it, then it would be MY best. TO be the best kids need to practice . . this takes years!
When she gets to school and sees other's projects, she will know to try harder next time, that she did a good job, OR that she is a failure. Either way it's HER lesson to learn.
Although in just about every other case, I control every option! This just happens to be the one way I let go!
I never did projects on my own, my mom did them for me. I didn't learn a whole lot. I want my kids to know how and get the grade for themselves, not through moms hands!

Boddyl Caps said...

Carlton did that last year, he is not creative though. He drew lines to devide the poster board into 10 sections, and glued 10 red beans in a row in each box! I was so proud!

Mrs. Gibson said...

Henry had to do this a couple weeks ago. They were just directed to glue 100 things onto half a poster board. So I asked him what he wanted to do and he decided candy. I was relieved cause we have too much and it might get rid of some! So when we did this with Libby 2 years ago we got putting stickers on and didn't take up much room at all. So I came up with the idea to draw a 100 and have him glue it in the shape. He counted out the candies, 10 piles of 10, and then he glued them all on! he thought it was awesome!


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