Monday, September 22, 2008

18 months and full steam ahead!

I can't believe 18 months have gone by since my baby joined our family. She wasn't really a plan at the time, but I can't imagine our family without her. Heavenly Father knew right where she needed to be and when!

This kid is a riot! For those who know her, you are my witnesses. She loves to make people laugh and pulls funny faces and does silly things to get you to smile. She LOVES having her picture taken and says "cheese" when someone holds a camera any where near her! If she sees the camera she pulls a funny face, so it is hard to get a natural smile on film.

She never does things half way!

Whether she is climbing to the top of the tallest slide at the park all by herself or reading a book to daddy with animal sound effects, dancing and singing at the top of her lungs with her sisters or eating her favorite foods (which is a full-body experience) she does everything all-out. She also thinks she is five years old and a foot taller, which can be dangerous and scary for the adults nearby!

She idolizes her sisters and wants to be right where they are, much to their dismay at times! They love her so much and play with her like a best friend!

Lydia gives great kisses and won't let daddy leave for work without kisses and hugs. She doesn't want anyone left behind and will stand and beckon "c'mon" and wave her pudgy little hand when she thinks you are falling behind the group. She loves a nice cold 'gilk' (milk), crackos (crackers), and always 'mo pleez' of whatever she's eating. If someone else has a treat she is right there asking 'me too?'

For such a mama's girl, she did great on her first real day of nursery, which I'm not sure I'm completely happy about. Doesn't she still need a mommy?

Lydie, you are an angel who brings light to our lives. Even if you don't have time to stop for kisses in your busy day, we are so glad you are ours! Love you!

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The Gibbys said...

She is such a sweetie!! I love her dress too--is that a Carters special??


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