Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The world according to Jenna

The things this girl comes up with!

A few weeks ago she came to me with a very serious tone and asked what the disease was called when you used your computer too much. Huh? I asked a few follow up questions to try and figure out what she was talking about.

Then she told me this:
My teachers computer- the kind that folds in half (I assume a lap top) is sick. She used it too much and now it is sick and doesn't work. It has computer asthma.

At this point I was trying not to laugh out loud because she was obviously very concerned about this poor computer. I think her teachers computer has a virus, but perhaps they have uncovered a new disease. Maybe that's why some computers can't move as fast as others! Darn asthma!

Last night I told Jenna that I didn't feel well and I had a very sore throat.

"Oh, is that from yelling all day, Mom?"

Is that how she perceives me! Some days that might be true, but yesterday that was NOT!


The Gibbys said...

i hate when my computer has asthma!! Try not to strain your voice too much today.hahaha

mrsmcgibby said...

I rarely actually laugh out loud when reading blogs etc. I will usually just laugh in my head. I actually laughed out loud! I am copying that and putting it on my blog. It is just priceless!


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