Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rock star super stars

Jenna and Aubrey started tball this week and after tonight's games Aubrey said, "I am the tball rock star all star!" She was pretty proud of her performance!

They are both doing awesome!

In her first game Jenna hit a home run, clear past all the fielders and onto the grass. Tonight she had another big hit out of the infield as the coach pitched- no T! Go Phillies!

Aubrey is also a great hitter and fielder. She is almost the only kid on her team paying attention and always fields the hits and throws the ball to first base. Go Brewers! (or Bluebirds, as Aubrey calls the team)

They are having a great time! So far, this is way better than soccer!


The Gibbys said...

That is awesome!! Papa Gary will be so proud.

Hillary said...

They look awesome! Let me know what their schedules are so we can try to come watch them sometime.

Way to go with the homer, Jenna!!!


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