Monday, September 15, 2008

CJ's baby shower

My youngest sister spoiled us all when we had our first babies. Now it is her turn. Courtney and Jake are expecting their first baby (Nathan) at the end of October. We had a shower for her last weekend and I hope she feels like she was pampered a bit. After all she's been through, we wanted to make it special for her!

It was a combination of family and and friends from the ward we grew up in, so we had a good crowd.

Hill, Kat and I made her a diaper cake with 82 diapers, bottles, spoons, lotion, hand sanitizer, gas drops, toys, bottle brush, shirts, hats, bibs, tiny shoes, etc. This was so fun and I hope it was a fun surprise for her. She acted quite surprised when we unveiled it, anyway!
There was plenty of yummy treats. We had the aforementioned cucumber sandwiches, fruit, and cake. You had your choice of a Weight Watcheresque orange cream cake or death by chocolate Triple Fudge cake. Yummy!
A few days earlier, Kat, Court and I made chocolate dipped pretzels for favors. Working together we did about 100 start to finish, wrapped and all in about 90 minutes. With the help of three little ones, that was an impressive time!

Aubrey took about 250 pictures during the shower, so here's her view of opening presents. I could make a play-by-play flip book with her pictures. She didn't miss a thing.!

We have a tradition of tying quilts at these showers so the baby has quilts with a bit of love from everyone. Here are Marcie and Nikki at one of the quilts. Thanks for all the help!
We love you, Court and Jake and are so excited for your new adventure!

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